Student Planner Notion Template, College Digital Planner, All in One Academic Notion Dashboard, Assignment Tracker, Digital School Journal

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📓 The Cozy Scholar Notion Academic Planner: Organize Your Studies! 🎓

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  • ⏱️ Minimalist Dashboard: Keep track of your study sessions and deadlines with a clean and efficient main page design.
  • 📅 Exams and Assignments Calendar: Never miss a deadline again with a centralized calendar directly on your dashboard.
  • 📚 Course Organizer & Custom Notebooks: Seamlessly manage your courses and notes with an integrated system designed for student success. Plus, customize each notebook with your course name!
  • 🎵 Study Spotify Playlist: Enhance your focus with a curated Spotify playlist, accessible right from your planner.
  • 🏠 Dorm Checklist: Move in with confidence using our pre-built dorm checklist, ensuring you have all your essentials.


🎨 Canva Templates for Personalization: You’ll get access to all graphics in this Notion template through Canva so that you can completely customize the design to fit your personal style. Easily change fonts, colors, and aesthetics.


  1. Purchase the template and receive an instant PDF with a link and guide.
  2. Open the link to the template.
  3. Duplicate the template into your Notion workspace.
  4. Customize and use it according to your needs.


  • A Notion account (Sign up for a personal plan, it’s FREE!)
  • A device to access Notion (desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet).

Ready to redefine your academic organization? Purchase now and transform your scholarly approach with our Notion Academic Planner!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message!


Meg from Planner Happy Studio :)


All designs are ©Planner Happy Studio - unauthorized distribution, resale, or modification of these templates, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. This is a digital product; therefore, nothing will be mailed to you physically. The template is may be used on desktop, laptop, table or mobile and may appear differently on smaller devices. Despite this, its functionality remains unaffected across devices. This template is exclusively compatible with the Notion App or Notion Website and will not work with other applications.

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Step into a world of structured learning with our Academic Notion Template, the perfect ally for students who value both organization and aesthetic. With its minimalist design and powerful features, this template is your comprehensive solution for managing academic schedules, coursework, and study sessions. 🌟

✅ Customizable Graphics
Tailor the planner's look to your style with our included customizable graphics.
✅ Focused Study Pages
Dive into deep work with a Pomodoro timer integrated into your study pages.
✅ Academic Goal Setting
Visualize your academic achievements with a goal-setting page that includes a vision board for inspiration.
✅ Comprehensive Course Notebooks
Keep all your notes organized and accessible with customizable course notebooks.
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Student Planner Notion Template, College Digital Planner, All in One Academic Notion Dashboard, Assignment Tracker, Digital School Journal

0 ratings
I want this!